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Penile Enhancement For Men

Priapus Shot® For Men

The Penile enhancement procedure for men is the latest breakthrough in Men’s Sexual Health and well-being. The PRP Procedure is a simple treatment designed to stimulate and enhance the entire sexual experience with your partner. Our patients report the following benefits:

  • Immediately Larger Penis
  • Strengthening Of The Penis
  • Increase of Sensation and Pleasure
  • Increase size by design
  • Straightening Of The Penis
  • And Much Much More!

This is a simple office procedure. By utilizing the latest technology in Platelet Rich Plasma, your own blood is withdrawn from your arm then put into an FDA Approved high-speed centrifuge. The centrifuge spins your blood at such high speeds it actually separates the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from the red blood cells. Doing this, we are able to withdraw the PRP by syringe and inject “your own” plasma back into very specific areas of the penis, which in turns give you all the benefits as stated above. Now wait a second, you may say, “Inject my own plasma into my penis? Ouch! Well, actually the procedure is so quick, our patients have reported very minimal discomfort from the procedure, if any. Prior to the procedure, a powerful numbing cream is applied and given time to work before a tiny needle is used to inject. So instead of taking all of the expensive over-the-counter quick fix erectile dysfunction medications and blue pills, PRP shot can give you months or even years of satisfied sexual health once again.