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Non Surgical Breast Lift

Non-Surgical Breast Lift

This Non Surgical Breast Lift is the latest in Medically Scientific beautiful non-surgical body enhancements. As women age their breasts naturally begin to sag, the shape of the breasts become “collapsed” or “droopy”, skin color becomes more greyish, or women can lose the nipple sensation from breast feeding, breast implants, and other factors. These are all normal and should be treated with a non surgical, effective procedure that will last for months and even years. By having this Non-Surgical Breast Lift performed you can regain the look and feel that you have been longing for. Some of the benefits are:

  • Breasts are lifted back to normal levels and no longer droopy looking
  • You regain the sexual sensation you lost
  • You regain the natural color of the nipple and full breast
  • Generally regain the look and feel you previously had

This is a simple procedure. By utilizing the latest technology in Platelet Rich Plasma, blood is withdrawn from your arm, then put into a high-speed centrifuge. This FDA approved centrifuge spins your blood at such high speeds that it separates the Platelet Rich Plasma from the red blood cells. We then withdraw the Plasma by syringe and inject your own plasma back into very specific areas of the breast, which in turn gives you all the benefits stated above. This quick and almost painless procedure is all done in a very short period of time and completed in the comfort of our office.